My Story

meditating with binaural beats

Welcome to the Future

Hi, I’m Keith and I would like to tell you what led me to start using the Holosync Solution Meditation.

I had spent many years practicing traditional methods of meditation following many guru’s, practitioners, healers and self-help practices.

I found the practice of meditation very helpful in allowing me to gain insight into my own problems, by becoming aware of what part I was playing in it which was causing me grief, this allowed me to change my mindset and let go of my old way of thinking.

Traditional Meditation

I found traditional meditation took a tremendous effort on my part to sit still and quiet the mind and after 12 months or 2 years it stopped working for me as I could not quiet the mind hence my reason for going from one guru to another and many other forms of meditation over 20 years.

traditional meditatingThis left me frustrated for many years searching for a meditation that would help me as I enjoyed my time out, and I wanted to continue my journey of self discovery as my life has been one of never ending challengers.

One day I was talking to a friend in Townsville on the phone about looking for a suitable meditation and he told me that he was using Holosync meditation which was new technology and that he found it very good.

I decided to request a free CD sample for myself to listen to as my wife “Janette” and I had been to a studio recently and listened to “Norman Doidge” being interviewed about his book “The Brain That Changes Itself“.

Changing the Brain

It was about brain plasticity and how to create new neural pathways into the brain using the power of a positive mind “to put it in a nutshell” so that got me interested in trying some new technology.

effects of binaural beats on the brain - brain entrainment


I decided to give Holosync a go and I started my meditation practice once again, there was some upheaval in the first few months as I had a lot of issues but with the support in the form of Bonus books, CD’s and DVD’s and information I received, helped me through it and now after 12 months or more I am able to sit relaxed and enjoy my meditation.

I am happy with Holosync as it has helped me to gain many insights into my relationships with others especially my wife as it has allowed me to improve the way I communicate and has disolved a lot of my fears, doubts and insecurities giving me a lot more confidence.

In the Special Report there are lots more testimonies from other Holosync Users also.

Binaural Beats for Physical Health

wellness through brain entrainment

Brain Entrainment

Brain Entertainment is a sophisticated form of neuro-audio technology allowing the listener to easily enter various desirable states, and creating many desirable mental, emotional, and spiritual changes, through entrainment of electrical patterns in the brain.

This creates a synchronicity, or balance, between brain hemispheres, enhancing mental/emotional health and mental functioning. In the process, new neural connections are created between the right and left brain hemispheres, leading to what is known as ” Whole brain functioning.”

In addition to creating states such as accelerated learning ability and enhanced creativity, and also good mental health,  binaural beats can help a listener easily enter and benefit from states of deep meditation, until now accessible only to long-time meditators practicing many hours a day for many years.

mental health helps physical health

Binaural Tones

Binaural audio tones are delivered to the nervous system using a low carrier frequency stimulus, masked by pleasant music and environmental sounds, which drives the nervous system to progressively higher levels of functioning.

Through precise sound patterning based on many decades of research, binaural recordings create a “push” in the brain which causes the brain to reorganize at higher levels of awareness and functioning, in much the same way a runner gives his or her body a physical stimulus to cause it to reorganize at higher levels of physical ability.

Typically, listeners show impressive improvements in emotional health, a whole tange of mental abilities, self-awareness, ability to meditate deeply, personal motivation, sense of spiritual connection, and a number of other areas.

Brain entrainment (like the Holosync Solution) is based on research done at Mt. Sinai Medical Centre, the Meninger Clinic, and a number of other research facilities, and is currently used by over 300.000 people in 173 countries.

Binaural Beats for Health & Wellbeing

Centerpointe Institute

Recently Centrepointe was approached by Dr. Vincent Giampapa, Director of Longevity Institute International, and one of the world’s leading authorities on anti-ageing.

Centerpointe InstituteHe provided Centerpointe with some remarkable findings related to Holosync impact upon human physiology. Clinical evidence shows that Holosync increases levels of DHEA and melatonin in the listener.

These two bio-chemicals are now known to play a crucial role in protecting the body against the effects of ageing and environmental stressors.


In addition, binaural beats recordings have been proven to lower levels of cortisol in the bloodstream.

Cortisol is capable of reducing immune function and putting the body at risk for a number of deadly conditions.

This body of research is relatively new, and while Holosync is receiving an enormous amount of attention from scientists and lay-people alike who are interested in anti-ageing techniques, we expect more exciting information to come to light as we continue our relationship with Dr. Giampapa and the Longevity Institute.