About this Site

This site is for anyone who would like to improve their physical or mental health. Whether we have a serious illness or just want to improve our health, we can use complimentary medicine which is playing our part in our own recovery.

The medical profession is now recognising alternate methods such as meditation, eating a balanced diet, regular exercise and a whole list of natural healing remedies which can assist us in our recovery or for those who just wish to improve the quality of their life.

When we cut ourselves or break a bone, we need the doctor to help us heal, if we suffer mental anxiety of any kind we need the doctor to write up a script or to sign a doctor’s certificate to give us time out to heal. I found a doctor whom I could relate to and work with whom helped me to lower my medication over a period of time as I played my part in the process of getting well again. Now I am no longer on medication and my mental and physical health is good as I have learnt to look after myself.

We need to educate ourselves and learn more about our body and mind and how they relate to each other, either by reading high quality books or doing some workshops on healing. I used many natural therapies and workshops on health and wellbeing to educate myself and to understand how I can play my part and work with my doctor, this is a form of complimentary medicine as we cannot just leave it all to the doctor.

I will update this blog soon with more information.